Why Select Australian Beech For Your Flooring?

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Australian Beech Timber Flooring is commonly seen as a mix of light coloured hardwoods but it can go under a different name of Tasmanian myrtle.

Tasmanian myrtle is a medium-sized hardwood that generally grows in the temperate rainforest regions of Tasmania and eastern Victoria. Aussie beech has no connection to the European myrtle. The name ‘myrtle’ is thought to have originated from the early timber workers who worked in and around the area.

The heartwood can be pink or a more popular warm reddish/brown and might also showcase a trace of orange. The sapwood is usually pale and narrow. Beech wood has an even-textured, with a fine grain that can be straight, interlocked or feature a highly prized fiddleback pattern. Growth rings can on occasions be visible.

The knotty wood and fiddleback patterns of this hardwood are in demand by craftspeople all around the world.

A compact and strong hardwood, Australian beech has many uses, although it is not particularly durable against heavy wear. Due to its typically colour-rich appearance, this hardwood is favoured for internal project, such as decorative veneers, high-end joinery, furniture and flooring.

Physical Properties of Aussie Beech

These properties are only a guide, as wood is a natural product there will be variations within any species.

Dry Density: range 780-900 kg/m³
Janka Hardness: 7.5 kN
The Janka Dry Hardness rating measures the hardness of the wood. The higher the number the harder the wood.

Source/Origin: Large hardwoods growing in the abundance in the southern New South Wales, Victoria – east Gippsland and Tasmania.
Appearance: A pale brown to sometimes having a slight pinkish tinge.
Common uses: Flooring

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