Why Choose Brush Box For Your Flooring?

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Brush box (Lophostemon Confertus) is a medium to large sized Australian hardwood that is found around the rainforest region of Bowen in Queensland down to the central coast of New South Wales.

Its colour can differ in look, going from a greyish pink through to a reddish/brown. This hardwood has a fine and even texture to it with an interlocking grain This interlocking grain is an interesting a feature of the wood and is one of the reason, why it makes such an attractive flooring wood.

This hardwood is used in a large range of building and renovating  jobs such as, flooring, paneling, cladding, and structural framing. A beautiful and stunning hardwood, it is readily available in New South Wales and Queensland.

Flooring And Decking With Brush Box

Brush box timber has a reputation of a hard to work with hardwood, due to the woods density, interlocked grain and the presence of silica. It does on the other hand offer excellent resistance to wear and splintering with heavy traffic use. As mention above this is why this is a superb for wooden flooring or decking.

The natural waxiness that is present within the timber may create a problems with some adhesives, however it does provides a great base for stains and paints. Nailing and screwing into this timber may cause splitting so pre-drilling is recommended.

Care should be take when drying out this hardwood as considerable distortion and warping may occur. For this reason this wood should not be used for steam bending.

Flooring And Decking With Brush Box | Timber Yard Sydney

Flooring And Decking With Brush Box

This Australian hardwood can be used for;

  • Decking
  • External Cladding
  • Flooring
  • Framing
  • Internal Paneling

Lophostemon Confertus - Brush Box

Brush Box Timber Flooring

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Brush Box Timber Flooring