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Timber Yard Sydney is an Australian owned company based in Sydney, that provides building equipment and products for builders, trade professional, landscapers and home handy persons.

We are committed to providing to our customers, quality Australian products (when we can), together with excellent customer service.

building product is any material which is made and used in the purpose of constructing something. A lots of naturally occurring things, such as rocks, clay, timber and sand, are often used in constructing homes or structures. Apart from these naturally occurring items, there are also many man-made materials that are also use. Some of these are plastics, glass, foam, cement and fabrics.

The manufacture of construction materials is a well recognised industry in many countries and the use of certain materials is generally aimed at different profession trades, such as carpentry, plumbing, bricklayers and roof work. This industry can contribute billions of dollars to a nations economy.

We Understand What Builders Need!

We understand that the best kind of supplier is one who treats customers like partners. That’s why we consider good advice and service to be just as important part of our business as the quality of the products we sell. That’s why we are constantly talking and listening to our clients and customers to find out exactly what they want and need.

Timber Yard Sydney has an extensive product list, which you can find, at the bottom of this page.

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Building Products | Timber Yard Sydney

We Have Something For Everyone!

Some Of Our Hardware Products

  • Gyprock Products
  • James Hardie Materials
  • Plywood and Composite Sheets
  • Weathertex

Building And Hardware Products | Timber Yard Sydney

Building And Hardware Products