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Buildings consume great quantities of materials, energy and other resources. This generates significant environmental impacts during construction, operation and eventual demolition. The aim of environmentally sustainable and responsible building is to consume less resources, particularly less energy, and to minimise adverse environmental impacts.

Using building timber throughout a construction project is a good choice, as wood is one of only a few natural building material.

This has a lot of advantages. Generally, wood is not toxic, does not leak chemical vapor into the building and is safe to handle and touch. It also means that as a hardwood ages, it does so naturally and doesn’t break down into environmentally damaging materials.

What The Difference Between Rough And Finish Wood

Generally speaking timber needs to be sawed into beams and planks, a stage is called milling and is a process of wood manufacturing. Wood is primarily used for structural purposes but has many other uses as well. Wood can be is classified as hardwood or softwood

Hard or soft wood can be supplied either rough-sawn, or surfaced, where one or more of the woods faces is planed smooth. Rough Timber is the raw product for furniture-making and other products needing extra cutting and shaping. It is offered in many species, generally hardwoods, but it is also available in softwoods such as white and red pine because of their low cost.

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What The Difference Between Rough And Finish Wood

Finished timber is supplied in standard sizes, mainly for the building industry, mainly softwood from coniferous species including pine, fir and cedar, but also include some hardwood, for the premium flooring market.

Timber Yard Sydney has several wooden products that are excellent to use in your building project. For a complete list see below.

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Hardwood and Softwood Products

  • F27 Kiln Dried HWD
  • Primed H3 F/J Dar
  • Kiln Dried H3 Treated Pine
  • LVL & I Joists
  • Merbau Structural
  • Primed H3 Structural F7
  • Primed Pine Weather & LIning Boards
  • Sawn F7 Oregon
  • F14 Sawn Unseasoned Hardwood
  • Structural Pine MPG10

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Building-Timber | Timber Yard Sydney

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Timber For Your Building Projects

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