Why Choose Ironbark Timber For Your Decking?

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Ironbark Timber (Eucalyptus fibrosa) is a really unique Aussie hardwood that has actually been highly valued hardwood for over two hundred years for its durability, resilience and strength. It’s a very attractive Australian wood that grows from southern Queensland down through the western slopes of New South Wales to Victoria

It’s superb to use as a external structural wood and many builders prefer to pick it, due to its long-term performance in weather-exposed areas of a building project.

Ironbark Is Excellent For Flooring And Decking

As mention above Ironbark timber is incredibly hard-wearing and extremely durable, allowing for a large range of external applications. Due to the hardness of the wood, attaining fine detail can be most challenging at times.

This wood a great for engineered structures that call for exceptional durability and strength, this can include jetty, wharfs, docks and bridge, pylons, poles and post, railway sleepers, mining support timbers and cross arms. This hardwood is likewise suitable for all building construction from framing, flooring, decking, posts and cladding. Furthermore, the wood is suitable for both indoor and outdoor furniture and features.

If you need a solid hardwood that is strong and has to take hard punishment from the Australian climate, then this is the wood for you. It will certainly stands up to the test of time.

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Ironbark Is Excellent For Flooring And Decking

Ironbark Hardwood Is Also Suited For:

  • Decking
  • Fencing
  • Flooring
  • Framing
  • Joinery Products
  • Wooden Portal and Window Frames

Ironbark Timber Decking | Timber Yard Sydney

Ironbark Timber Decking

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