Is Merbau Timber A Good Choice For Your Decking?

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Merbau is a great timber to use as a decking as it has the ability to withstand the harsh Australian elements while still retaining its original colour. It is a popular wood from South East Asia used in a variety of applications from building/construction to indoor and outdoor furnishings.

In its natural setting the Merbau tree species can grow up to 40 metres in height, with a trunk of 0.6 metres in diameter. The wood is a pale/washed-out red to dark red brownish colour, with the grain being wavy or intertwine. The wood has a texture that is coarse but even

Merbau Makes For A Great Wooden Deck

As mention above this wood is a great all round hardwood, that wears well under traffic and retains it’s colour after weathering.  Cool on your feet and looks great surrounding a pool, Merbau timber is one of the few hardwoods that ages well. It’s a very hard and strong wood that is both fire and pest resistant. If you treat and take care for your timber deck, it will certainly be around for a long time.

Merbau has lots of uses in the fields of engineering, building, marine and furnishings, both for the indoor and outdoors. It is likewise made use of in building infrastructure such as, cross arms, bridge building, pylons, garden sleepers, posts, jetties and mining beams.

In building construction, Merbau is utilized in framing, decking, treads and other general requirements. Lots of boats, especially the decks, are made from Merbau, as are a range of wine vats, musical equipment and tool handles.

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A Stylish Swimming Pool Deck

Merbau Is More Than Just A Timber Deck

Merbau hardwood can also be found in most homes as back yard settings, screening and barbeque trolleys It is also along valued for joinery, turning, paneling, shop fitting and cabinet making, parquet flooring, counter and bench tops, carving, and veneer work.

It turns well and is fairly simple to work with using hand and machine tools. It will generally cut cleanly however there may be some blunting or gumming effect on the cutting edges. this hardwood does have a tendency to split so it is recommended to pre-drilled first, but it will hold fastening attachments well.

This Wood Can Be Used In The Following:

  • Architectural Roof Trusses
  • Decking
  • Exterior Stairs
  • Flooring
  • Framing
  • Internal Paneling
  • Joinery Products
  • Windows/Portal Frames

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Merbau Wooden Decking

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