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Messmate is a Australian native hardwood that can grow over 90 metres tall with a huge 3 metre trunk. It is a real timber giant in the Australian landscape. The tree ranges along the eastern side of Australia, from southern Queensland in the north, down through the tableland in New South Wales/Victoria and across to Tasmanian in the south.

In high demand this hardwood is used for a wide variety of applications. Messmate is often sold with Mountain Ash and re-named as Victorian Ash or Tasmanian Oak. The wood is a light colour hardwood that ranges from pale browns through to light yellows with subtle hints of light orange. The sapwood is pale brown to pale yellow, with a light brown heartwood.

A Perfect Wooden Flooring For The Home

When used in or around the home Messmate Timber has a cozy and warm feel about it, with beautiful pattern detail within the wood. The texture of the hardwood is moderately course but even. The grain is usually straight but in some cases may be interlocking. Gum veins are common within this wood, as are the beautiful ring that are a distinctive feature of the timber.

This hardwood is only moderately hard and is not as strong as some of the other Australian hardwoods. It has an medium to low durability and may split if nailing. As a precaution pre-drilling is advise before nailing to prevent this from happening.

 Messmate Timber | Timber Yard Sydney

Beautiful Pattern Flooring

It is relatively easy to work with and it glues and bends well. This wood will readily accept stains, oils, paints and polishes.

Messmate is often used in the pulping industry for wood pulp products and is extensive used in general building and manufacture works “especially framing above ground (when protected)”, internal flooring, paneling, plywood, protected external use, internal joinery and furniture.

Messmate Hardwood Can Be Used For:

  • Fencing

  • Flooring
  • Framing
  • Internal Paneling
  • Joinery Products
  • Portal
  • Frames

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Messmate Floorboards

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