Why Choose Modwood Timber For Your Decking?

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Modwood Timber Decking is stylish, versatile and easy to install. Whether you have a deck, entertaining platform or pool and spa area, Modwood adds definite style and sophistication, which is long wearing, safe and Eco-friendly. This decking material is safe for children as it is splinter free.

Modwood, a brand of Wood Plastic Composite (WPC), and it makes use of a mix of sustainable wood waste and plastic (especially recycled plastic milk bottles). While this item requires no painting, staining or oiling, it still displays some features of its parts, wood and plastic, and requires the correct care.

This brand has products that you can used in the backyard, around the poolside and in courtyards of the everyday house. They also have anti-salt products specifically designed for houses by the beach or for marina boardwalks.

Each lineal metre of Modwood boards (137 x 23 mm board) contains almost two kilograms of reclaimed pine waste and approximately thirty-seven recycled plastic milk bottles.

Taking Care Of Modwood

No matter what type of product you decide purchase, you need to do periodical cleaning for them to last long. You would require to regularly sweep your deck so they will not have build-up of dirt, grime, leaves and other aspects that could generate unwanted moulds and stains on it. If you have oil-based stains on your deck such as barbecue splatters or sunscreen lotion spills from the pool party, you should use a diluted degreaser to remove them.

ModWood Decking can likewise struggle with water discolorations, just like wooden flooring, glass and other flooring or surface materials. Professional advice from flooring experts suggests that a strong wood cleaner should be applied if you have staining to your floors or decks. It will clean WPC’s, hardwoods or soft wood, new and seasoned.

Decking with a brushed finish also show less fading, as compared to the ones with smooth surface. A brushed surface feel more like timber and is often chosen for use around swimming pool, given that they are less slippery.

Modwood Decking | Timber Yard Sydney

Modwood Decking

Modwood – Colours And Sizes

Modwood deck-boards comes in a range of sizes, colours and finishes giving you the ability to create residential or commercial projects with function and style.

When you decide on choosing this product product, be confident in the knowledge that these products are not just splinter-free and less flammable than timber, they are also Eco-friendly. They are also a very durable material, if you provided the correct care.

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Modwood Composite Decking | Timber Yard Sydney

Modwood Composite Decking

Modwood Decking