Creating A Outside Deck With Northern Box

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Northern Box is an imported decking board which is very similar to Australian brush box. This floor board is also known as Pelawan and originates from Indonesia. Pelawan hardwood is a very durable, resilient and strong.

It has a fine, interlocked grain and even texture and the colour of the wood, rangers from greyish pink through to reddish brown. With a beautiful grain, this hardwood is mostly suitable for decking or flooring.

Northern Box “Pelawan” Floorboards

This wood is used for a variety of applications, which consist mainly of flooring, cladding, paneling and some structural applications.

Because Northern Box is a very hard timber, it can be also used for mallets, mauls, handles, shuttles, turnery, jetty/ wharf and bridge decks, carriage building, weatherboarding, boat building and wedges.

It has poor workability in part due to its density, interlocked grain and the presence of silica. Nailing and screwing this wood may cause splitting. It is highly recommended to pre-drill, before nailing or screwing to prevent this from happening.

Pelawan absorbs paints, stains and oils really well. As always, it is recommended that that a good protective paint or stain be applied as well as regular cleaning/sweeping of deck to extend the decks life time.

This wood will provide good resistance to wear and tear and rarely splinters.

Northern Box “Pelawan” Decking | Timber Yard Sydney

Northern Box “Pelawan” Decking

This Hardwood Can Be Used For:

  • Decking
  • External Cladding
  • Flooring
  • Framing
  • Internal Paneling

Northern Box | Timber Yard Sydney

NorthernBox is similar to Australian BrushBox

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NorthernBox Decking