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 Pacific Maple (Philippine Light Red Mahogany) is a tropical hardwood typically found in Malaysia, Indonesia and the Philippines. It is part of the extensive Shoreaspecies that includes over 180 species and it is a popular export hardwood and commonly made use of as a somewhat more affordable option to expensive teak.

The light red of the different wood types is often the most popular, the other being dark red and is regularly in demanded as a finishing wood throughout Australia.

The colour is a pale pink to mid red brown hue when dried. The texture is coarse but even, with an interlocked grain that often produces a stripe or ribbon figure on the surface. Thin concentric lines of resin channels might be mistaken for growth rings. Pinhole borer discolouration and pencil streak is more common than in Philippine Dark Red Mahogany.

What Is Pacific Maple Used For?

Pacific Maple timber is often used for internal moulding, joinery, paneling and plywood. It is popular for domestic finishing applications such as architraves, door jambs and skirting boards.

A great final finish can be achieve by using tools with a sharp edge. Some finish may appear a little” woolly’ like and this can usually be fixed by sanding the surface area. This hardwood nails and glues well but beware of localised tearing when cross cutting and drilling.

The hardwood is fairly easy to dry however blue stain fungus can be a issue unless preventative measures are taken out.

Pacific Maple | Timber Yard Sydney

A Great Wood For Cabinet Making

This Timber Is Recommended For:

  • Internal Paneling
  • Joinery Products
  • Mouldings

Philippine Light Red Mahogany PacificMaple | Timber Yard Sydney

Philippine Light Red Mahogany – PacificMaple

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