This document sets out the policy of in relation to the handling of personal and sensitive information.

Statement of Commitment
Timber Yard Sydney, respects the privacy rights of all individuals in the workplace. Furthermore, our Management Team is committed to ensuring we comply at all times with its obligation under the Privacy Act 1998 (Commonwealth).

National Privacy Principles
We at Timber Yard Sydney are bound by the National Privacy Principles (the “Principles”). The Principles will be binding on most private sector employers from 21st December 2001. Timber Yard Sydney will keep all its employees and clients (and anyone else who may be effected) appraised of this status.

Privacy Code
The Privacy Code will override the status of the Principles when it has received approval from the Privacy Commissioner.

Timber Yard Sydney currently holds some information in relation to its clients, employees, contractors and other workplace participants. Timber Yard Sydney, will not pass on any personal information without the approval of the relevant client or staff member.

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