Why Choose Tallowwood For Your Decking?

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Tallowwood timber is an extremely hard, durable and versatile Australian native hardwood species and it’s hardwood products are suitable for a wide range of applications from flooring and decking to building and landscaping.

The colour of this species ranges from pale to dark yellow-brown that is opposite from the typically white sapwood. Its texture is moderately coarse, usually with an interlocked grain mainly free of gum veins. It also tends to possess a distinctive shine and greasy appearance.

Tallowwood is a superb choice when looking to install a new floor or deck. Its strong and will last a long time. Best of all, this hardwood will stand up to heavy foot and pet traffic, making it anexcellent decking solution.

Tallowwood Is A Great Multipurpose Hardwood

In the past, this hardwood  has been used for bearings, mallet heads, mauls, wheel spokes, and tool handles. Now days it is used for engineering projects such as, jetty, wharf and bridge construction (sawn and round timber), railway sleepers, cross-arms, poles, piles and mining timbers.

Building construction uses tallowwood for unseasoned framing to dressed hardwood cladding, internal and external flooring, linings and joinery. This hardwood can also be found in fencing, landscaping, and the construction of retaining walls. Decorative uses include outdoor furniture, turnery and joinery. Other applications include boat building, the construction of coaches, carriages and agricultural machinery, and structural plywood.

Tallowwood hardwood is a very hard wood (rated 1 on a 6-class scale, with 1 being hardest – 6 softest), yet is relatively easy to work with, due to the wood’s natural greasiness. It machines and turns well and easily accepts paints, stains and polish. Pre-drilling is recommended before you begin nailing and screwing. This will prevent the hardwood from splitting.

Tallowwood Hardwood | Timber Yard Sydney

Outdoor Decking

This Wood Can Be Used In:

  • Decking
  • External Cladding
  • Fencing
  • Flooring
  • Framing
  • Internal Wall Paneling
  • Pergolas
  • Retaining Walls (Landscaping)
  • Structural Posts/Poles
  • Joinery
  • Portal/Window Frames

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