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Tassie Oak or Tasmanian Oak hardwood timber, is not a tree species, but a combination of several different tree types from a group of about 8 trees, with very similar looks and features. The primary tree group that it draws from include Mountain Ash, Alpine Ash and Messmate.

These Australian hardwoods grow in the high mountain regions of Tasmania, Victoria and south east area of New South Wales. It is a very versatile wood that is ideal for both building and home improvement jobs. Some of the interior applications this hardwood is used for included, flooring, paneling, architraves and skirting boards.

Whether you are going to do some home improvement or are taking on an indoor building project, this hardwood is the perfect choice. Its a classic all-round Australian wood that is easy to work with, absorbs paint and stains really well and will look beautiful for years to come.

Tasmanian Oaks Many Uses!

This hardwood is best suited for indoor use, furniture and detail work, due its low to moderate durability/hardness. Floors, wall and ceiling paneling and high-end joinery are some of its more usual uses. Additionally it can be applied in a protected structural functions, such as framing or framework but as mention it is most suited, to be used in an indoor project.

Tasmanian Oak Timber is light in colour, differing from pale straw to reddish-brown with subtle shades of cream to pink. This wood is excellent to use with staining, as it absorbs stains, oils and paints readily, and it is easy to match it up with other finishes surfaces.

This hardwood is an excellent all round (workability) wood. It is a strong and user-friendly wood that you will enjoy building with. It sands, planes, glues and finishes well. This is the reason that Tassie Oak is the ideal wood for internal applications and furnishings.

Tasmanian Oak Timber | Timber Yard Sydney

Tasmanian Oak Timber

This Wood Can Be Used For:

  • Decking
  • External Cladding
  • Flooring
  • Framing
  • Interior Stairs
  • Internal Paneling
  • Joinery
  • Floor and Ceiling Mouldings

Tasmanian Oak | Timber Yard Sydney

Eucalyptus regnans, Eucalyptus obliqua or Eucalyptus delegatensis | Tassie Oak

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