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Treated Pine is a wood that has been applied with a preservative chemicals that helps enhance the wood durability properties extending its life way beyond its natural working life span.

Wooden products are constantly under attack from all sorts of natural enemies (insects, fungus and weathering). Most hardwood has a degree of protection over these enemies and should be able to withstand the onslaught. However over time and in some conditions, hardwoods may start to fail.

What Is A Treated Wood?

The wood is first saturated with a chemical solution containing a fungicide and insecticide. The preservatives are pushed deep into the wood interior, helping it to resisted decay, insects and other wood damaging fungi.

This is an effective and lasting protection, that enables it to be used in many areas, where a ‘softwood’, would not be suited, such as posts, poles, decking, retaining walls and cladding. Treated pine is a highly versatile building product that is suitable for a large range of building applications.

Where Do You Use Treated Radiata Pine

It can be used wherever a wood is permanently or regularly exposed to weather, high moisture or in contact with the ground and applies to both structural and non-structural uses. Being exposure to weather has a huge impact on soft and hardwood and unless it has a suitable protective coat painted on, fading and weathering will soon take its toll.

Treated Radiata Pine | Timber Yard Sydney

Treated Radiata Pine

Treated timber can be used outdoors, indoors, above-ground, in-ground, and in direct contact with fresh or salt water and can last decades usually around 30/50 years. Its also used as solid timber beams, flooring, decking, plywood and other rectangular timber sections.

This wood product is also recommended in areas of high termite and pest risk.

Wood that has been treated to the relevant preservation requirements should be clearly identified by a brand or mark, as defined and required by the Australian Standard.

Treated Wood Product Are Recommended For:

  • Architectural Roof Trusses
  • Decking
  • External Cladding
  • Flooring

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